DJ Sax Duo - Deuces Club


DJ Alejandro Maistro

Mobile: 0402452957


Sydney NSW 2000

Looking for a unique fusion of live music and DJ sets? You’ve come to the right place. The combination of live musicians, like world-renowned saxophone player and world-class DJ will guarantee to be the talking point of any function delivering just the right atmosphere and feeling for any given event.


It’s a well-known fact that a DJ is a fantastic addition to any party to both liven it up and to help sonically create the best atmosphere. But add a live musician and you have a winning combination that will take your event to the next level for unsurpassed entertainment.


The Deuces Club regularly perform together at some of Sydney's exclusive venues such as Ivy, Pier One & Doultone House.


They have a fantastic music selection that will liven up any event. This DJ & musician duo is a pioneer in the contemporary music industry, whose talents are as diverse as their repertoire. Their unique and entertaining act sets them apart from other performers and will guarantee you an event that’s personal, professional and simply unforgettable.


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